Praise for Girl Afraid

(Reviews are from various parts of Amazon)

“the subject matter was a disturbing one,and soon after starting i was ready to abandon it, but the writer has a style that keeps you reading even though you want to literally kill some of the characters.”

“Ciaran West is an excellent Storyteller. I enjoyed the book even though the subject was disturbing. A gripping page turner (the first on my kindle). I would recommend.”

“Exciting thriller. A real page turner. Couldn’t guess the ending. Would read more from this author. Sensitive subject but well worth reading.”

“This book is simply impossible to put down. A messed up tale of a kidnapping where the captors have something much more sinister in mind than a ransom.
If you like your stories full of twists, turns and grisly bits this should be your next read.”

“I went on an emotional roller coaster with every page and was constantly trying to work out how it was all going to pan out, I was very rarely right!
I don’t think I have read a book that has taken me through every emotion that I could feel from pain, hate compassion, relief and on occasion joy.
If there is one book you should buy it is 100% Girl Afraid. I honestly can’t praise it enough!”

“I laughed, I cried. I wanted to throw my ereader at the wall and jump for joy.
I honestly didn’t think I could enjoy this book as much as I had this authors previous and first effort The Boys of Summer.
But I did.
Read it, it’s a gripping ride that will have you wondering what lengths you would go to to save someone you love.
Brilliant. Utterly brilliant.”

“This is by no means a comfortable read. It is stark, frightening, tense and disturbing. And yet also West finds the good, the positive, and the refreshing within his characters, and the ending will have you clenching your fists and yelling. Whether this is in relief or horror or a very clever mixture of the two you will have to find out for yourself.”

“A gripping read, it rollercoasters your emotions to a thrilling climax and spits you out at the end! Well worth the cover price (and then some) compared to what will cost you £/15-20 in the high street.”

“I only put the book down as I literately could not keep my eyes open any longer, but as soon as I woke the next morning I reached for it and didn’t(couldn’t)put it down again until I had finished it.”

“OK, wow. So don’t plan on leaving the house after picking this one up. A real page turner sound so cliché but Girl Afraid is one such book.

It starts off with a call and then ends fourteen hours later with you main lining coffee to stay awake because you started it at midnight like an idiot.”

“Not a book I want to read…. ever. Only got 1/4 of the way through it and deleted it. Very stressful and disturbing and sad. The images depicted are not something I want to visualize. Definitely not my kind of book.”

“It is a chilling and disturbing read. The author does a good job of keeping the tension ratcheted and there is a devious twist at the end.”

“The characters in this work come off as so very, very real. The author has the wonderful ability to not only understand humans, but to bring them to life on the page. This has the effect of making the whole experience of reading his novel somehow more than just a literary experience.”

“The story starts fast, with the call to Alice, and just keeps picking up speed until you’re at the point where you actually can’t put the book (or in my case, the device) down. I read the last three chapters in the car and completely ignored my husband, just so I could find out what happens. And a lot happens.”

“Mr. West has managed to write amazingly distinct characters with specific voices and characteristics, so it was never hard to follow who was speaking and it was extremely easy to care about some characters, while loathing others, and while feeling mixed emotions for others.”

“A fantastic read; hard to put down there is some very disturbing imagery but the story is well worth it. Not for the faint of heart, and don’t start it if you have an early day….you’ll be forcing yourself to stop.”

” I read Ciaran West’s first book, The Boys of Summer, and I have to say that his 2nd outing, Girl Afraid, is even more thrilling than the first.

I don’t want to give anything away, suffice to say that this is a book about child abduction, good guys and bad, and the reader’s heart-pounding terror. I genuinely cared about the characters, which is why I reacted so strongly and ended with an under-the-sink-book-hiding.”

“The best thrillers keep you up way past your bedtime–to those last minutes reading in bed, bleary-eyed, trying to slap yourself awake so you can keep going just one more page. Girl Afraid is one of those books. I was blown away by West’s second outing (The Boys of Summer is a great first effort), and unprepared for how drawn in I would be to this heart-pounding child kidnapping.”

“I have a serious bone to pick with the author: After reading til 3am last night, I actually called in sick today so I could finish it. Warning: This is a book to devour in a week-end, not one to pick up on commutes or for a quick browse before bed.”

“The use of “Erm” throughout the story was distracting.”


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